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    Flipped Classroom

    A reversal of the traditional teaching model where students digest content outside of the classroom. This allows us to repurpose our classroom time for greater student engagement! More

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    The application of game mechanics in non game contexts. An approach that continues to gain traction in education to boost student motivation. More

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    A podcast focusing on inspiring New Zealand PE teachers and the great work they are doing in the classroom Subscribe here

NZPETeachercast! Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here.

A podcast focusing on Health and PE teachers from NZ and around the world. Hear about the challenges and successes they have while engaging in their passion of teaching. A new podcast released each fortnight!

#NZPETeachercast Vlog episode 6 – Sport specific strength

A quick vlog to prelude next weeks podcast episode with Jason Koster of Fit Futures learning institute. Jason is an exceptional judoka and watching him compete at Nationals a few weeks ago I made the silly mistake of thinking that getting up from being pinned didn’t look that hard! In this episode he teaches me a lesson in functional or sport specific strength!

Jason’s podcast episode goes live next week, and will be well worth a listen! #NZPETeachercast

#NZPETeachercast Vlog episode 5 – Desire paths in education

A few weeks ago I read an article about desire paths and how they can be used to improve the design of walk ways and environments. I immediately thought about how the concept of a desire path could have some implications for the way we design learning experiences for our students. I hunted out a few desire paths around Hagley Park in Christchurch and discussed some thoughts around each path and tried to link some of them to education. Yell out if you can think of any other desire path examples in education!

NZPETeachercast Episode 23 – Building a community of learners

In the last podcast episode of term three, I have managed to wrangle a teacher here at Rongotai College into sitting down for a chat.

Matt Eagle is a Social Studies teacher who has invested a considerable amount of time, effort and hard work into building a community of learners within Rongotai College and the surrounding community. Whether that be through teaching social studies, coaching basketball or role modelling what it means to be an engaged and reflective learner, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge.

Also, learn more about the Connected PE Community at the following link:

Music by Bensound.

NZPETeachercast Episode 22 – Being energetic in education!

Apologies for pulling the podcast earlier! A very unfortunate missed edit 😉

Today we welcome Dale Sidebottom, an enthusiastic primary and secondary trained teacher who travels around the world hosting active learning workshops to primary and secondary students with his company Energetic Education. He also runs a successful personal training company that focuses on creating engaging training contexts and environments. Dale is an amazing bloke who loves a good yarn and you’re going to hear a lot about what drives him to motivate others in this episode.

Make sure you check out his latest podcast at and take a peek at which is his latest project!

NZPETeachercast Episode 21 – Technology and its impact on our Mathematics curriculum

Today we welcome Stephen McConnachie from Middleton Grange School onto the podcast. With a passion for all things technology, Stephen has successfully managed to embed exciting tools and e-learning approaches within his classroom. He also role models his use of technology by leading a wide variety of professional development opportunities for Mathematics educators around Christchurch and New Zealand.

Stephen on Twitter.

My Study Series for Mathematics

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NZPETeachercast Episode 20 – Teachers and students as global citizens

It’s fitting that for Episode 20 we get to hear from the amazing Andy Milne! A passionate Health teacher that gives SO much to the Health and PE community, Andy was this year awarded National Health Teacher of the Year. He is truly a global educator if ever I have met one, and we spend quite a bit of time discussing what this means among a variety of other very cool things Andy has achieved in his career. It was a real honour speaking with him.

To celebrate 20 episodes, we are giving away a t-shirt from (which we discuss in the podcast). All kiwi educators who share the Twitter post, or leave a review on iTunes (and yes you can have two entries if you do both!) will go in the draw to win one of these cool t-shirts and help get a teacher to #SHAPENashville 2018!

Andy on Twitter.

Slow Chat Health website.

Check out Send a Teacher and see what T-shirts you could win (remember to share the tweet or leave a podcast review!).

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NZPETeachercast Episode 19 – Compulsory Te reo Maori at Auckland Grammar

Today I get to speak with a former colleague who has been all over the media recently, for the changes around compulsory Te reo Maori at Auckland Grammar. Neitana Lobb is a passionate educator who has been teaching for about four years now and is doing great things motivating our young people and advocating for Maori culture in education. There are some audio issues for the first 8 minutes until we changed devices – apologies once again!

Neitana on Twitter.

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