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Carl Condliffe is a Health and PE teacher passionate about using technology to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences for his students.

Podcast & video log

Carl hosts the popular NZPETeachercast podcast and video logs. Through this platform he shares stories of inspiring educators from New Zealand and around the world. You can catch up with all the episodes on the NZPETeachercast Facebook page.

Flipped learning

Carl is a huge advocate for flipped learning and has been formally recognised as a top 100 flipped educator worldwide. He also founded My Study Series, an online learning platform supporting Kiwi students through NCEA.


In his earlier days, Carl was a semi professional gamer, travelling around competing on the world stage. He has used his experience to explore gamification within his classrooms. He recently helped launch an online platform called Learning With Games providing game based resources to teachers and schools.

Latest podcast episode

NZPETeachercast is a podcast that gives educators a platform to share their stories and tell the world about some of the cool things they are doing with their students. The podcast comes out every Wednesday during the New Zealand school term.

Speaking and workshops 

Carl has keynoted and presented at a number of conferences around the world. Get in touch to if you are keen to have him at your conference.

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NZPETeacher.com came about to share exciting way to use technology in PE and demonstrate effective flipped learning. It has since grown to incorporate a regular podcast and video log sharing stories from inspiring educators. Keep posted as the site continues to evolve with exciting additions in the near future!

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My Study Series

In 2016 Carl founded My Study Series, an online learning platform that has evolved out of his passion for flipped learning. The platform provides targeted video for every single achievement standard, paired with automated quizzing and data for the teachers. Check out out here!