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My first video screencast [Flipped classroom]

Quite keen for feedback from my first video using Explain Everything. The video introduces the flipped classroom experience to my Year 13 Physical Education students. We will be flipping our lessons next term as we begin our Performance Appraisal unit on Squash.

Aside from being terribly mono-toned with little excitement in my voice (I hope I will get better with more videos!), the process did raise two questions for me: scripted or unscripted? And Cornell notes or WSQ?

Scripted or unscripted? As you can see in the above video, I do come across quite scripted and in fact did script quite a lot of it. Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann discuss this in their new book “Flip your classroom: Reach every student in every class every day“. They do not script their videos because they feel their slides provide enough of an outline that they can improvise adequately enough to teach the material; and that a script would hinder their creativity (something I am yet to harness yet!) and spontaneity.

I tried both methods, but found unscripted that I waffled on, lost track of where I was and included too much unnecessary information. The same 9 minute video ended up being 15 minutes, with one less slide even. I think as I begin to discuss things I have more knowledge about, I will be more comfortable going sans script.

Cornell notes or WSQ? When I first saw the Cornell note taking system, I thought they would be an effective tool to use with my videos. They are great as a revision tool, particularly with their key points / cues section. Then I stumbled across WSQ after trawling through Crystal Kirch’s blog, Flipping with Kirch. I immediately liked what WSQ had to offer and believe that the WSQ system provides students with more emphasis on understanding the concepts, as opposed to being able to just recall what you have watched.

I still haven’t decided on exactly what shape and form WSQ will take in my classroom lessons, but it will definitely feature somewhere. I am also toying with the idea of a WSQ / Cornell hybrid, or even letting students choose which method they use for their notes.

Feel free to leave a comment with feedback on the video, or any thoughts / experiences around using Cornell vs. WSQ for your student note taking. Also if you are wanting more information on flipping your classroom, Flipping with Kirch is a great place to start!


Crystal Kirch (@crystalkirch)

Excellent video! Your explanation of the what, how, and why is very clear and makes me even more excited to continue flipping my class! I’m glad you have found the WSQ to be a useful tool!


Thanks Crystal, appreciate your feedback. Your blog has played a big part in getting me motivated to get my classroom flipping underway!


This is awesome. As Crystle said it is really clear and I too love the WSQ idea. I have been working towards a flipped classroom model and am heading towards creating my videos at the beginning of next term. What software/app did you use. I have purchased snagit to try for this year but am keen to hear of anything better. I have been starting my flipped classroom experience much smaller by using facebook to post thoughtprovoking questions prior to teaching that content to build on prior knowledge and a whole lot of other little ways. See my blog for details if intersted. 🙂


Thanks mrswooller – I used my iPad and the app Explain Everything for this vidcast. I simply imported a pre made powerpoint, hit record and that was about it. Very simple, picked up my voice well and didn’t look too bad.

I just stumbled across this link for more ideas on software you might want to look at: .

Facebook is great, it is working well for me from a sports team perspective, but since implementing class groups toward the end of last term, I have a feeling my students are concerned about looking “uncool” by interacting with their teacher on Facebook. I firmly believe it’s the way to go though, and will work hard next term to get students seeing the benefits of it. The way I am planning it, FB will probably be the make or break of flipping my first topic! Fingers crossed!


Great work. The flipped PE classroom is certainly exciting and most definitely breeds improved results.


Thanks. Will be introducing to my senior class on our first day back, hopefully they will be as excited about it as I am!

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