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Biomechanics recap [screencast]

Moving forward with more screencasts for my flipped classroom. This one was probably a little rushed – I found a few typos and voice mistakes after I have finished exporting. This lead me to find another useful tool though, and thats YouTube annotations. Annotations allow you to overlay speech bubbles or windows that you can type messages into. As an example I used an annotation to apologise for typos at the start of the presentation above. Additionally I could add bubbles as prompts when I need the students to pause for a task, or to pose questions during the presentation too. A very useful addition to my videos!



This screencast should lead to some good discussion this week, as one student has already mentioned on our Facebook page two errors I have made, one of which is a “commonly misunderstood phenomena” in physics. This is going better than expected, and quite stoked a student is willing to voice his opinion! Now he just needs to explain the errors and justify his statements with supporting evidence for the benefit of the rest of us!

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