Biomechanical analysis using iPad [video]

Just a quick video of a student and I discussing his volleyball serve using the Coach’s Eye app on the iPad. We are just introducing biomechanical analysis and this was their first opportunity to look at themselves performing a skill, and first attempt at any type of visual analysis.

As you can probably tell, I am in control of the iPad, with the student next to me discussing the movements (probably why he is a little hard to hear). Eventually we will progress to students having full control of the iPad so they can film, analyse the performance and telestrate the video themselves, but I will probably wait until the students have PE faculty iPads to use instead of my own personal one!!!

You can clearly see the value both the iPad and the Coach’s Eye app add to the lesson here. Students have more ownership of the analysis because they are discussing their own performance, the app provides the opportunity to easily view the performance over and over in slow motion, as well as allowing the user to highlight and discuss key points of the skill by telestrating the video.



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