Tracking WSQ sheets

Where I figured my flipped classroom would lose momentum, was the homework component. I figured at the very least the videos would be observed by the students, but maybe not the important summarising and questioning work that the WSQ sheets provide.

A quick creation in Excel has gone some way to helping with this. I created an A3 sheet (image above) with all of my student names and room for each of the screencasts. At the start of the lesson, my students flash me their WSQ sheets before I pass them a vivid to colour in the box corresponding to their completed WSQ.

This gives students a visual representation of their progress, a little bit of ownership in their homework, saves me a little time at the start of the lesson and makes for easy access to those students who need to make up time with me completing their WSQ sheet.

I am hoping to have a post up tomorrow about my first two weeks of flipping – stay tuned!



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