What do my flipped classroom lessons look like? (including .ppt)

As I delve deeper into flipped learning, I thought it may be appropriate to share what my classroom lessons look like when flipping. The example I will be sharing is a PE lesson where there were no practical components, just theory.

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As students arrive to the classroom, I have the attached powerpoint up on the white board. Students know to start discussing their WSQ sheet within their group (this is based on the video they have watched the previous night), and coming up with their starting question they will present to the class. Also while this is happening students are free to come up and check off their WSQ completion chart which is up by my desk.

When I feel we have had enough time to discuss our notes, I bring the class back together and each group takes turn presenting their question to the class. Most of the time, the questions envoke good discussions about the video, with students responding with positive and constructive answers and feedback. I rarely need to intervene to get the class on track.

Once each group has shared, we move onto the focus questions. These are completed in groups and entered into premade question sheets hosted on our groups Facebook page. One student from the group will access the question sheet using their netbook (we are a compulsary netbook school) and record the groups answers. After each question, groups will feedback their ideas to the rest of the classroom.

Upon completion of our focus questions, the scribe for the lesson will email me the groups question sheet. I then upload each of these sheets to Facebook so students can access them at a later date.

This approach to theory lessons evolve on a week to week basis. Sometimes it works, other times I need to work harder to use more appropriate focus questions. I much prefer topics such as biomechanics where we can break up the classroom work with practical examples. Our current topic doesn’t really allow that at the moment.

Feel free to provide some thoughts and feedback!



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