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Currently my Year 13 PE students are working through a performance improvement programme around ultimate frisbee. This involves the application of motor learning theories, biomechanical principles, and functional anatomy to the sport of frisbee to help improve their ultimate frisbee skills.

The students have been using the faculty iPads a lot, working in groups with Coach’s Eye. This allows them to identify strengths and weaknesses, before going out to work on the skill by themselves or in pairs. I felt it was during this stage where students were not really paying much attention to their areas of development, instead were just going out and performing the skill for the sake of performing it.

A quick search in the app store (while students were on Coach’s Eye) had me downloading Live Video Delay. Touted as “a mirror on steroids”, Live Video Delay was a fantastic way for my students to do some self analysis without having to operate any other equipment or technology in the process.

After opening the app, a simple finger swipe determines the amount of delay. I had it set for 10 seconds for a frisbee throw, but you can delay up to 10 minutes (perfect for longer performances or routines where you want immediate feedback). Students then stepped up to the marker, performed their throw, then stepped back and watched themselves performing the movement on the iPad.

Students enjoy seeing themselves in action, and after a task requiring them to break down their skill performances and identify areas of improvement, I felt using this app was the perfect follow on activity. I plan to have this app set up every practical session we have for the remainder of the term, if students want to quickly check a movement they just step up to the mark and perform the skill.


Natasha Low

Thanks. Good to have you posting again :). Good timing as we are about to do a similar application of these biophysical principles in the context of learning Hockey skills with our year 12s.


Thanks Natasha – a busy start to the year, but keen to get some more ideas up on the site! With the video delay app, once the students realise that they don’t need to wait for the ipad screen to be “empty” the feedback session flows really well and the kids definitely take something away from the immediacy of it all.

Panupan Sriautharawong

Reblogged this on and commented:
I’m glad you guys are finding Live Video Delay useful. Ultimate frisbee is a new one, I’m gonna have to add that to my list. Thanks for spreading the word.


Cheers Panupan. It’s working really well in our senior classes!

Eric Laurent

For your readers who use Android devices, I have developed “Video Coach – Delay Mirror” which is equivalent to “Live Video Delay”, but for Android !

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