First flipped video of the year

I guess you could say I have finally settled in at my new school. It has been a bit of a culture shock getting used to the differences between my former school and where I find myself now. In saying that, I am extremely happy with my current situation and have enjoyed getting stuck into my teaching and coaching.

One of my classes is a large Level 2 class (about 28 students). It is a combined PE class and personal training class. There are about 5 personal training students and they do a range of fitness Unit Standards. There is a considerable spread of ability in the classroom, so trying to differentiate my lessons as well as cater for two different courses has been a struggle.

So I thought it was about time I got some flipped videos up and running. I am hoping this will help ease the load a little, as well as allow for more targeted and practical based theory lessons which the students will appreciate.

In class yesterday we watched my flipped classroom introduction (I cringed at how monotone and boring I sounded, so possibly wasn’t the best start when looking for student buy in!) and I have just finished putting the final touches on my newest video. It is just a simple recap on joints and bones so not a lot of depth, but I was short on time and decided not to script it. I struggled a bit and ended up reading from the slides mainly, but as I get a few more under the belt I should get more comfortable.

Really happy with how professional the videos are looking. I spent some time creating a new .ppt template and combined with Camtasia Studio, the videos have a real polished look to them.

Feel free to leave any feedback about the video. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying 2014!




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