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CaptureOver the next week or so I will be launching a regular videocast. It is something I have considered for a while now and I have been encouraged by the work@Vgoodyear has been doing over at PE & Sport Vlog (check out some of her cool videos!).

The videos will be ramblings with an educational and technology twist to them, and maybe a little bit of PE and Health thrown in for good luck. I am hoping to crank out a new video each month but would prefer to have them out sooner! There will be opportunity to engage with a fantastic educators as the videocasts progress as well.

Anyway, enough chit chat – I need to get the first video sorted. IF you are keep to check it out, make sure you head on over to my YouTube page and subscribe.



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Carl Condliffe is a Health and PE teacher passionate about using technology to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences for his students.

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