What’s your focus for term three?

1First day back today, and a 5 period day to boot! Across the last few days I have been reflecting on my two week break and considering what my focus is going to be as we move into term three. I was lucky enough to attend PENZ 2016 and get some really valuable insight to what great things are happening in our learning area throughout the country. I find I rarely network with any other educators which is a worry. It becomes so easy to get absorbed by what we do in the classroom and never look beyond our immediate environment.

Because of this, I have decided to spend my term focusing on networking with other Health and PE teachers as much as I can (as well as fulfilling my teaching obligations – mustn’t forget that part!). I want to try to learn from others as much as I can this term and see what cool ideas I can implement with my students. How will I do this?

  1. Post more on this blog. I enjoy sharing, and this platform allows me to do that, which results in some pretty cool discussion with other teachers.
  2. Tweet more. Twitter provides some of the best PL out there. Being able to connect with other educators across a range of subjects is fantastic. I always try to take 30 minutes out of my day to revisit and read liked tweets and respond to other accounts. Some awesome hash tags to follow are: #physed #pegeeks #nzhpechat #nzhpe #penz. The #nzhpechat is something that will be launching this month thanks to a few fab educators, so make sure you jump onto that chat once it goes live!
  3. PODCAST! Next month I launch a podcast which is pretty exciting. This was a very impulse idea, but I am pumped to be jumping way out of my comfort zone to bring some very cool PE stories to Physical Education teachers in New Zealand. I have done three interviews so far (Garry Carnachan CEO at NZSSSC, Kelly Ross, HOD at Tarawera High School, and Rachael Dixon, National Coordinator for Health and Physical Education at Canterbury University).
  4. Visit other schools. By launching the podcast, I am having to travel around to do these interviews. This has been a great opportunity to see what other PE departments look like, their resourcing and how they use their learning environments.

So.. What’s your focus for term three? Feel free to leave a comment or respond to the tweet with feedback!



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