Introducing NZPETeachercast – a podcast featuring inspiring PE teachers!

cover art final 600 x 600After months of trying to figure out how on earth to make a podcast, I can finally show the finished (well, first two episodes!) product. About a week before PENZ 2016, I made an impulse decision to make a podcast and booked about four interviews before I had any idea what I was doing! The premise for it – to give some amazing Health and PE teachers a platform to share their stories. I outline this in the first episode, so I recommend starting there. But I am really proud of the second episode with @kellsross from Tarawera High School. She is superb HOD who is doing some quality stuff with her team.

Have a listen to episode 1 below, but please head on over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast. And make sure to check out episode 2 with Kelly!



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Carl Condliffe is a Health and PE teacher passionate about using technology to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences for his students.

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