Vlog #22 – The rebrand

Rebranding the NZPETeachercast

Very short vlog explaining the upcoming podcast, vlog and page rebrand from NZPETeachercast, to the Augmented Learning Podcast & Vlog.

I also talk about my upcoming trip to Japan this week with 9 other Physical Educators, and an upcoming online conference I am working hard to get off the ground.

See the full Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/nzpeteachercast/videos/1114825678677465/

Carl Condliffe

Carl Condliffe

Carl Condliffe is currently employed at Rongotai College and has been a Head of Department for 11 years. Carl is a big proponent of the flipped classroom and has traveled the world speaking about this concept at a range of conferences. More recently he was named as a FLGl 100, one of the top one hundred educators leading flipped learning worldwide.

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Carl Condliffe is a Health and PE teacher passionate about using technology to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences for his students.

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