Episode 44 – Japan Sports Forum with Yasheeka Bertram

Episode 44

This week I head off to Japan with some stunning Physical Educators to explore Tokyo and deepen physical education teachers’ awareness, of culture, traditions and society in Japan. This is part of the Japan Sports Forum by the Asia New Zealand Foundation as part of their education programme, which supports teachers and students in understanding the diversity of and opportunities in Asia..
Yasheeka works for the Foundation and is leading the trip to Tokyo this Friday. She spends some time with me talking about what we can expect in Japan, some of the culture surrounding education there and also some of expected outcomes as we explore the region.
Carl Condliffe

Carl Condliffe

Carl Condliffe is currently employed at Rongotai College and has been a Head of Department for 11 years. Carl is a big proponent of the flipped classroom and has traveled the world speaking about this concept at a range of conferences. More recently he was named as a FLGl 100, one of the top one hundred educators leading flipped learning worldwide.

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