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Introducing My Study Series


Over the last six years or so, I have been fascinated by the application of the flipped classroom and the use of targeted video outside of school. It is an approach that dramatically changed my views on education and I have been lucky enough to speak about it to a range of people at varying conferences and workshops.

Today I got to introduce My Study Series, a learning platform for PE teachers and their students which provides hundreds of videos targeting every Physical Education achievement standard at level 1, 2 and 3. I have been working on it non stop for the last two months in preparation for its release in February next year. I am so excited to be able to develop something which has the potential to add a lot of value to our learning area and provide teachers with an opportunity to deliver their lessons in a unique and innovative way. Head on over and check it out.

Upgraded flipped videos

A long time since I have posted anything, but thought I would do a quick update around my use of flipped videos.

I have been getting quite frustrated at the lack of flexibility that Explain Everything on iPad offers when working with powerpoint files. You can only import certain types of backgrounds and you always lose out when it comes to maintaining formatting. Granted there are some positive aspects about the app, in particular the ability to record each slide individually. When you are an unconfident speaker (like myself), this comes in handy when needing multiple recording attempts!

During the October holidays, I upgraded my laptop which allowed me the opportunity to trial Camtasia. Below is my first attempt using the software to create a flipped video. I am impressed with everything Camtasia has to offer and will definitely be looking into purchasing a license. I’m not 100% sure about having my mug in the videos, but it probably makes the videos a little more personal for the students. Once I get a little more experience using Camtasia, I will post a mini review highlighting some of the great features the software offers.

Slides from PE WGTN ICT cluster meeting

Awesome to catch up with some like minded PE teachers this evening, even cooler to be able to get up and present some of the stuff I do around flipped learning with my classes. Below is a PDF of the keynote I used in case anyone missed anything.

Was great to hear some other fantastic uses of ICT in PE. I loved the sound of and how it could be integrated into my flipped lessons. Potentially could be a replacement for our use of WSQ sheets. Either way I will definitely show my classes this app and see what they think!

Tracking WSQ sheets

Where I figured my flipped classroom would lose momentum, was the homework component. I figured at the very least the videos would be observed by the students, but maybe not the important summarising and questioning work that the WSQ sheets provide.

A quick creation in Excel has gone some way to helping with this. I created an A3 sheet (image above) with all of my student names and room for each of the screencasts. At the start of the lesson, my students flash me their WSQ sheets before I pass them a vivid to colour in the box corresponding to their completed WSQ.

This gives students a visual representation of their progress, a little bit of ownership in their homework, saves me a little time at the start of the lesson and makes for easy access to those students who need to make up time with me completing their WSQ sheet.

I am hoping to have a post up tomorrow about my first two weeks of flipping – stay tuned!

Two new screencasts

My PED335 screencast from the weekend. I was nice to them this weekend, only uploading a short 5 minute clip! I have also tried to take on board some of the student feedback, that I lacked enthusiasm when presenting my screencasts. I completely agree with them! When you compare this screencast to all of my other ones, I do seem to be a lot more “into it”. I guess it comes down to prioritising when and where you create your screencasts – eg) not at 11pm or in an office where other people can hear you!

Bonus screencast for this coming Friday (unfortunately just had to spend an hour re-editing and re-uploading after YouTube decided I had used copyrighted content from the 2008 Olympics):