Checking your registered students

Checking your registered students

With the changes we’re facing over the next few weeks, it’s going to be really important that we ensure our students are correctly onboarded to our class group. In this brief video we take a look at exactly how to check which of your students have redeemed their access code and are able to access their content corectly.

My Study Series goes to Japan!

This term My Study Series is heading to Japan!

Starting last year, The Asia New Zealand Foundation has been sending cohorts of teachers to Japan to deepen students connections with Asia, and increase student knowledge and awareness of Asia so they can be confident engaging with people from the region, both in NZ and in Asia.

I have been fortunate enough to be awarded this trip along with another 9 Physical Education teachers from around New Zealand. We depart on the 17th of May and will be spending 8 days exploring a range of facilities, schools and events.

There are three strategic goals for the trip: deepening connections, Increasing knowledge and awareness and gaining confidence. Part of the outcomes surrounding the trip are for teachers to come back and Impart knowledge to students, colleagues, and their professional community.

Outcomes with My Study Series.

My Study Series will be using this trip to build out a free resource available to anyone who signs up. The details of this resource are yet to be confirmed, but it will likely be a resource supporting PE Achievement Standard 91331: Examine the significance for self, others and society of a sporting event, a physical activity, or a festival. Part of our trip will involve learning about progress towards the 2020 Olympic Games including information and discussions around sport marketing, sponsorship and communications.

In the mean time, make sure you follow us on social media so you can keep follow some of the Japan experience.

Best practice using My Study Series

Best practice using My Study Series

Schools and teachers are using My Study Series in a number of different ways. Even though we designed the platform from the ground up to support a teacher within a blended or flipped learning environment, how you use the platform is really going to come down to the level of your students, your teaching style, and even your teaching philosophy.

We don’t want to limit you to how you use our resources but there are strategies that will ensure you get the most benefit from the platform. The following tips and tricks will ensure you put your students in the best possible position to be successful.

Repurpose your classroom time!

We are big fans of a flipped learning environment. When your students consume and digest content outside of the classroom, they come to class better prepared with prior knowledge allowing you to minimise the need to spend time working at the bottom end of Bloom’s Taxonomy – Remembering and understanding. This allows you to repurpose your classroom time to focus on higher order thinking tasks such as creating, evaluating and analysing. While this is simple to do, there are a few things you’ll need to consider and plan ahead for:

  1. Describe your expectations to the class. This approach to teaching is one that students are generally not familiar with. It’s important to get student buy in, and believe me when I say you won’t get it on the first attempt. But if your expectations are clear and students understand why you’re doing this, how it will benefit them, and what any consequences might be, you’ll quickly see the group buy in.
  2. Set the lesson(s) you want them to watch. Whatever communication tool you use, make sure you inform your students well in advance of what you want them to watch and when it needs to be done by.
  3. Plan a high energy, practical lesson based on the content they are watching. Because they will have already consumed some key content, you can skip some of the traditional approaches and move onto tasks that are much more meaningful and authentic.
  4. Check completion of work. Access some of the data My Study Series provides to ensure students are completing the required tasks. If students are not coming to the party, provide a consequence for them and potentially extend the deadline. When you’re certain most students have completed the work, repurpose your next class by implementing your high energy, practical lesson.

We describe this process in a little more depth throughout our onboarding lesson titled: Repurposing your Classroom Time.

My Study Series can be a great homework tool!

Once you’re familiar with the content within My Study Series, it can be used as an excellent homework tool for students. Our video lessons cover almost every achievement standard with 8-12 videos for each. These videos are paired with automated, self-grading quizzes that allow students to check their understanding immediately after watching a video.

Some teachers don’t have any need for a flipped learning environment or to repurpose their classrooms. But a tool that students can access at any time, from any device can be a great way to set homework tasks related to content you are covering in class.

The Class Activity Feed is a real time representation of what your students have completed on My Study Series and can be used to check homework completion in a simple and easy way.  

Use the data to inform your practice!

We provide you with a range of student data that can be useful in tracking performance and understanding student strengths and weaknesses. There are three types of reports that you can search, download and export:

Class activity feed: The Class Activity Feed is a real time representation of what your students have completed on My Study Series

Class progress: This is a filter that generates information regarding your classes progress in relation to completion of each achievement standard

Class quiz report: This report provides data relating to user, quiz score, a detailed report, and the date and time that particular quiz was completed.

We describe this process in a little more depth throughout our onboarding lesson titled: Using progress data.

My Study Series is not a replacement for you!

Our intention was never to have our platform babysit your students. Your role as the teacher is an important one and while we don’t advocate a chalk and talk teaching approach, we do appreciate the need for the teacher to be present, available and there to guide students through the learning journey.

Unless you have a specific purpose (such as a group task relating to some specific content), our videos shouldn’t be played to your entire class at once. All our learners are different, and learn at a different pace. We want users to be able to pause the video, takes notes, and identify areas they don’t understand and be able to rewatch them at their own pace. We discuss this in depth during our onboarding lesson titled: Watching the videos.


My Study Series can be a powerful learning tool when used properly. It’s by no means a silver bullet, but can allow for students to engage more with key content and experience a more authentic and meaningful learning environment. To learn more about the platform, please visit our homepage at:

Need additional support? Access our support documentation at:

Accessing and using the notes function

One of the key features on My Study Series is the note taking feature. This allows students to take notes while watching our videos and is extremely helpful when using a WSQ approach with our content. 

The application sits on top of the page, allowing easy access mid video to highlight and record key concepts, new ideas, and anything else of value or interest to the learner.

Accessing your notes.

By hitting the save button after taking a note, your notes are then collated on your very own notes page which can then be accessed at any point in the future. By clicking “View all notes“, you’ll be taken to your personalised notes page where all your previous notes are stored for retrieval to view or print. This is great in the build up to an assessment or exam where a student needs to quickly access any notes that have been taken in the past. These notes are also downloadable as a word document to be saved locally or shared and can even be printed from the application itself. See the video outlining how to access saved notes below:

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Using data to shape My Study Series

My Study Series is an organic platform where user data and feedback plays a big role in the development and improvement of the content we offer.

Unlike text booked based learning resources, we are able to modify and edit our content almost instantly. Because of this it is important we provide the opportunity for users to send immediate and explicit feedback. We do this through a unique feedback tool, leveraging emojis combined with comment forms to send instant feedback on every single lesson.

The following video highlights this system in action and describes why it is important to take a few seconds to review every lesson you watch (whether you’re a teacher or a student!). So check it out, then make sure you start rating our lessons!

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Class based leaderboards

Here at My Study Series we leverage many components of gamification to increase student engagement and motivation while using our platform. 

Currently we use points, leaderboards, badges, achievements and a ranking system. What is gamification I hear you say?

Gamification is the application of game mechanics in non game contexts

It is a strategy used across a range of industries and you likely encounter aspects of gamification multiple times a day. The term came about as people began to understand the power of video games and explored why people became so consumed by various games. It turns out that game developers use a variety of “mechanics” within a game to enhance player experience ensuring they keep coming back over and over to play the game. Clearly this has implications in many more contexts than just a video game!

One popular game mechanic is a leaderboard, and today we released an enhanced leaderboard feature which ranks class versus class across all of our learning areas. By clicking on our class leaderboard, you’ll see a list of searchable classes that are earning points and badges on My Study Series. You can search for your own school and class and see where you stand on the leaderboard compared to every other school using the platform. Check the image at the bottom of the post to see where to access this leaderboard.

Furthermore, we have decided to reward the top class on My Study Series with a lunch shout before seniors leave in term four, so keep an eye out for those details! Note: combined classes on the leaderboard will be ineligible for this prize.

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Win some Apple AirPods with My Study Series!

win apple airpods with my study series

To celebrate the relaunch of My Study Series, we’re giving one lucky person the chance to win a pair of the amazing Apple AirPods! All you need to do is register below, then complete some of the key tasks for additional entries. A number of these tasks can be repeated each day to gain additional entries, so keep coming back to increase your odds of winning!

Note: Competition open to NZ residents only.

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Getting started with My Study Series

Welcome to My Study Series, the online learning platform by New Zealand PE teachers, for New Zealand PE teachers and their students! We look to provide targeted video content for senior Physical Education standards, paired with automated quizzing and an online badging system to reward learners and increase engagement.

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