Gamification in Education

Gamification is the application of game mechanics in non game contexts to increase engagement and boost motivation. Gamification operates under the assumption that the kind of engagement that gamers experience using video games can be translated to an educational context, with the goals of facilitating learning and influencing student behaviour. Educators worldwide have been exploring ways to harness the power of video games and finding ways to have demonstrate a similar response with learning.

ABOUT NZPETEACHER.COM came about to share exciting way to use technology in PE and demonstrate effective flipped learning. It has since grown to incorporate a regular podcast and video log sharing stories from inspiring educators. Keep posted as the site continues to evolve with exciting additions in the near future!

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My Study Series

In 2016 Carl founded My Study Series, an online learning platform that has evolved out of his passion for flipped learning. The platform provides targeted video for every single achievement standard, paired with automated quizzing and data for the teachers. Check out out here!